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Gazette staff September 12th, 2012

Thunderstruck boasts more than just the distinction of marking the big-screen debut of OKC Thunder superstar Kevin Durant. The film, an alleged comedy in which the Durantula’s basketball skills are inadvertently swiped by a school kid, might just be the first-ever family-friendly movie to include an appearance by an accused child molester. Granted, there was that John Wayne Gacy cameo in 1974’s Herbie Rides Again, but we’re told you’ve gotta look really fast for that one.

Credit: Brad Gregg

The Thunder’s former public address announcer, Jim Miller, is facing multiple counts of child sex abuse and committing lewd acts in front of a child. The Thunder organization immediately booted Miller when the allegations surfaced, but the dismissal didn’t come early enough to avoid his brief role in Thunderstruck.

In one of the film’s pivotal — if you want to call it that — scenes, Miller calls a winning seat number in the Chesapeake Energy Arena that allows the hapless hero, Brian (Taylor Gray), to try a halfcourt shot.

We can only presume the filmmakers were so knocked out by Miller’s performance that they couldn’t be bothered to do any 11th-hour editing.

We’ll see if a judge and jury feel the same.

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