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Turnabout’s fair play in the NBA

None October 3rd, 2012

Seattle basketball fans finally might be ready to store their Clay Bennett voodoo dolls in the basement.

Credit: Brad Gregg

Four years after the SuperSonics departed the city to become the Oklahoma City Thunder, Seattle’s city council appears poised to spend some money to secure a proper venue to entice an NBA franchise.

With huge backing from a hedge fund manager named Chris Hansen, Rain City has agreed to build a $490 million arena.

Seattle’s resistance to building such a facility, of course, led to Bennett and his ownership team moving the Sonics to greener — figuratively, definitely not literally — pastures in OKC.

Still, Seattle’s anticipated basketball team won’t emerge out of thin Pacific Northwest air. Seattle is likely to lure a team from a struggling market, with industry observers saying the most probable targets are the Sacramento Kings or Milwaukee Bucks.

So Seattle is ready to do to another city exactly what it accused OKC of doing. Yay for America!

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