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Back from Hell

'Hell' is hell.

Rod Lott October 8th, 2012

This being the Halloween season, odds are many a found-footage film will be watched over the next several weeks. How to choose between so many? Allow me to help ever so slightly: Steer clear of Back from Hell.


Presented as four days of a taped holiday — because apparently, that's what young people do — the movie follows a handful of pals who vacay together, screw around with a Ouija board and eat shish kabob outdoors. In other words, not a Hell of a lot happens beyond the occasional person screaming from outside.

At what feels like the climax — new mothers beware! — viewers still have about 45 minutes left to go. We feel every rotation of the clock hands as the proceedings grow not in interest or fright, but unintentional humor. It's laughable, but not at a level of, say, Birdemic, where the ineptness transcends into a must-watch. —Rod Lott

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