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Granny larceny

Gazette staff November 7th, 2012

Grandma got run over by a … grandson?

Credit: Brad Gregg

Unfortunately for Elvenia Lorreta Wiggins, that’’s what police say happened (figuratively speaking) when her 15-year-old grandson stole from her.

Suspicions arose after $800 went missing from Wiggins’ purse. Soon after, the boy began coming home — Wiggins is his legal guardian — with expensive items that Grandma hadn’t purchased (well, that she hadn’t knowingly purchased). Then things got curious when Wiggins learned that the boy had presented a classmate with a hundred-dollar bill and some new shoes.

On further investigation, Wiggins discovered that about $34,000 was missing from the safe in her home, as well as various hiding spots — obviously not very effective ones — around the house. Police arrested the grandson.

In the meantime, we suggest that Grandma Wiggins look into opening a checking account. And someone teach that boy some manners!

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