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Outraged by the man in blue

Gary Jones November 28th, 2012

I am writing this in reference of the toddler’s mother getting a ticket for $2,500 for public urination by her 3-year-old child in her front yard. For the record, I am from a small town in New England, where peeing outside anywhere in the state is like seeing someone smoking a cigarette outside. I may dislike cigarettes but — oh, well — people do it. This is the worst-case scenario of the law about this subject I have ever heard of. Just plain stupid charge.

What kind of officer would write that ticket? The toddler was in pull-ups and being potty-trained. Unbelievable! Unreal injustice of an officer abusing his right to wear an uniform. This officer will cause more problems of authority abuse in the future.

Only thing I can think of is he is punishing the mother for not watching the child by being outside with her child. If that is the case, then I can understand the officer’s concern. But, even then, the charge is unjustified. There are other ways to punish the mother if she was not watching the child. If the community doesn’t come to stand up for this mother, I would be appalled.

If I were the chief of that police department, I would reprimand the officer for not doing his job: getting real criminals. I hope there’s punishment for this cop who should be earning his pay by protecting and serving.

—Gary Jones, Westminster, Vt.

The Piedmont police officer who wrote the ticket was fired Nov. 16. —Editor

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