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Don't break your resolution just yet.

Jenn Scott January 2nd, 2013

Almond bark, fudge and sugar cookies: all things that are delicious.

Tracy Dawn instructing at Cadence
By: Mark Hancock

Also, all things that make December a difficult month for moderation. If you have a sweet tooth, or have gotten caught up in the indulgence of the season, celebration of the holidays will likely end once you step on the scale.

Paranoid scale-dwelling isn’t the life I’m suggesting you lead, but it’s imperative to maintain a balance of knowing when it’s time to kick up the workouts and cut out the extra munchies.

The beginning of the year is a great time for commitment to better health. It’s a clean slate and a perfect time to adopt, or celebrate your maintenance of, a regular workout.

First, it’s important to find an activity you love doing. Don’t settle for spending your hours slaving away sculpting your body if the enjoyment isn’t there. Otherwise, the workout will quickly lose priority and turn into a broken resolution.

Nobody wants to be a walking cliché wearing too-tight pants.

The metro is bursting with possibilities when it comes to toning the tummy, and that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck in the gym with barbells and giant, smelly dudes.

Granted, some options might be a little pricier than a regular ol’ gym membership or just not working out at all, but the investment in your health will pay dividends to your future well-being.

For a workout that challenges your body and your mind, grab a mat and kick off your shoes at Cadence Yoga (801 N. Hudson; 601-8537).

Classes range from Align + Flow, a slower flow that focuses on proper alignment and holding poses longer, to Vinyasa 2.5, a challenging, fast-flow guaranteed to make you sweat.

If you want to stay balanced with OKC!

yoga but still enjoy classes like pilates or dance, try Barre3 Fitness (5800 N. Classen Boulevard; 463-3343). It’s a blend of all three types of fitness classes, and a ballet barre is the center of every class.

If the idea of a varied fitness program entices you, but your preference is to focus on dance, pilates and yoga separately, check out Do Fitness (5118 N. Shartel; 848-5551).

Here, you’ll find classes like Zumba (a Latin dance-based workout), Yin yoga (a slower-paced practice based on intense stretching) and the high energy of step aerobics. If you just can’t go it alone, personal training is available and can range from semiprivate to boxing workouts.

You might decide to connect your mind and body on your way into the new year, or maybe you’ll spice up the cooler temps with the cha-cha.

Move your body in the ways that you love, and make it a part of your everyday life to ensure a long, happy and healthy existence. Let’s shop, OKC!

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