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Blake not-so-placid

Gazette staff February 6th, 2013

Okie country music superstar Blake Shelton upset some of his industry peers recently — and this time, it wasn’t because they’re jealous he gets to do naughty things with Miranda Lambert.

Credit: Brad Gregg

Nope, it was because Shelton dared suggest that today’s young listener doesn’t want to listen to old records.

Gasp! Shock! Heresy!

Sayeth the Shelton on the Great American Country network’s Backstory documentary TV series, “Country music has to evolve in order to survive. Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music. And I don’t care how many of these old farts around Nashville going, ‘My God, that ain’t country!’ Well, that’s because you don’t buy records anymore, jackass. The kids do, and they don’t want to buy the music you were buying.”

Then, Ray Price, 87 years young and a Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, got wind of the comments and was all like, “Oh, no, he di’n’t!” Fightin’ back online — yes, online — Old Man Price tsk-tsked, “It’s a shame that I have [to] spend 63 years in this business trying to introduce music to a larger audience and to make it easier for the younger artists who are coming behind me.

"Every now and then some young artist will record a rock and roll type song, have a hit first time out with kids only. This is why you see stars come with a few hits only and then just fade away believing they are God’s answer to the world. This guy sounds like in his own mind that his head is so large no hat ever made will fit him. Stupidity Reigns Supreme!!!!!!!”

Then Price must’ve gotten really angry, because he added in all caps, “YOU SHOULD BE SO LUCKY AS US OLD-TIMERS. CHECK BACK IN 63 YEARS (THE YEAR 2075) AND LET US KNOW HOW YOUR NAME AND YOUR MUSIC WILL BE REMEMBERED.”

Yeah, Blake! Put that date into your Filofax and let Price know! You’ve got him in your Rolodex, right?

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