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Look who’s cooking

Cooking classes make dinner a hands-on time for the whole family.

Greg Elwell February 27th, 2013

Takeout Tuesdays
5:30 p.m. Tuesdays
Uptown Grocery Co.
1230 W. Covell, Edmond

Little Big Chef
2 p.m. Sundays
Uptown Grocery Co.
1230 W. Covell, Edmond

Credit: Shannon Cornman

Chef Jonathan Groth cooks all day long. As an instructor at Platt College, he prepares duck breast, lamb chops and rabbit.

And then when he gets home ... “Chicken breasts three or four times a week,” Groth said. “When you get home and you’re tired, you want to make interesting, healthy food, but it’s hard.”

So when Uptown Grocery Co., 1230 W. Covell in Edmond, approached him about putting on demonstrations for customers, he jumped at the chance to help parents and kids start making their own meals.

On Tuesday nights, he hosts Takeout Tuesdays, a class for adults that focuses on casseroles and one-pot meals. And he recently began teaching a class for parents and kids on Sunday afternoons called Little Big Chefs.

The idea came from customer comments, according to Megan Garrett, social media and event coordinator for Uptown Grocery and Buy for Less. People want to learn, but they also want to have something to take home for dinner that night.

Groth said part of the problem is that cooking isn’t passed down from parents to kids the way it used to be.

“People get home after 5 or 6 and they want to feed the family, but they also want to spend time with the family. With just a few hours together each day, you don’t want to spend all that time alone over the stove,” he said.

Tuesday Takeout classes can be ideal for make-ahead meals that can go from fridge to oven or for taking advantage of prepared ingredients for an easy soup or stew.

Groth said it’s a good way to get ideas for future meals, but also let participants create a dish that’s ready to take home that night.

He said he’s especially excited for Little Big Chefs, which encourages parents to spend time creating healthy, tasty meals with their children.

“It’s a special time together. Plus, kids are more likely to eat the food they helped make,” he said. “One thing I do is really focus on colors. When it comes to getting kids to try new things, a colorful dish is more likely to get them interested.”

Space is limited, so reservations are required.

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