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What evolutionists fear

Steve Kern March 13th, 2013

Regarding the Feb. 6 letter to the editor by Douglas Mock, Joseph Thai and Tom Boyd (“Same ol’, same ol’”): It’s the same ol’, same ol’ strategy by closed-minded, evolution-Kool-Aid-drinking scientists in our universities who keep out an ever-watchful eye to protect their weak theory from any scrutiny.

Whenever a bill comes up before our Legislature that gives teachers in our public schools the freedom to teach the positives and negatives of evolution, they immediately cry “foul” because anything that might bring doubt on their beloved theory must be religious.

The reason why they are so touchy is because they know how weak evolution theory is, and when those weaknesses are pointed out to students, it might cause them to question its validity.

I thought it interesting that they brought up the discovery of germ theory as an example of the great strides science has made in the last 200 years. Do they not know that germ theory was supported and finally proved by Louis Pasteur in 1861 because he rejected the evolutionistic concept of spontaneous generation, also known as abiogenesis, that taught life sprung from inorganic matter? This was a tremendous blow to Darwin’s theory at the time, which Pasteur spoke out against during his scientific career.

By the way, Pasteur was considered one of the greatest scientists of his time, especially in France. I believe he and many scientists today would be offended by being referred to as “anti-science wolves.” Science is all about questioning everything. Theories come and go.

History is replete with examples of great scientists who became great because they questioned the status quo.

The bills that Mock, Thai and Boyd refer to are not about religion; they are about letting science be science. I think the real threat of religion in our public schools is the religious cult of evolution theory so guarded by its adherents.

Truth does not fear investigation.

I wonder what evolution scientists are afraid of.

—Steve Kern, Oklahoma City

Kern is pastor of Olivet Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.

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03.13.2013 at 10:13 Reply

Mr Sally Kern,

Indeed truth does not fear investigation.  However those that care about science, education, logic and reason grow increasingly tired of inane repackaged attempts to shoehorn in religious doctrine into our classrooms.  These bills are just another attempt in a succession of ever refined legislation to circumvent the establishment clause and impose non-scientific religious views on children for indoctrination to the christian right.

Evolution has been thoroughly investigated and found to be a solid theory based upon mountains of evidence and observation.  The fact that those observations and that evidence contradicts your distorted view in no way invalidates them, only shows that you cling unquestioningly to blind faith.  Faith is not science.

If indeed you have proof, research and scientific evidence of "flaws" in evolution, construct a hypothesis, write a paper and present it to the scientific community for peer review.  If that has a leg to stand on you may proceed directly to your Nobel prize.  The history and text books will re-write themselves.

Until you wear that bronze meddle around your neck do not push your religion in classrooms and science will not try to push logic into your pulpit.


03.14.2013 at 01:06 Reply

Rev. Kern wants to convince us that it is science and not religion.  However it is very telling that the only scientist he cites died in 1895.     Also one would think that if Pasteur was the antievolutionary crusader that Kern thinks he was that someone could give an actual citation to Pasteur attacking evolution in his writings.


03.29.2013 at 04:00 Reply

We fear for evolution, not because of the weakness of evolution, but the vulnerability of our children.  Giving our children the option of laziness--the option to say any difficult aspect of science is a supernatural phenomenon--will not lead to them making any scientific discoveries.