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Endangered hipsters

Gazette staff March 20th, 2013

The species is characterized by any number of traits: flannel shirts, ample beards, tattoos, the scent of freshly smoked clove cigarettes. They tend to gravitate toward hole-in-the-wall bars or trendy pizzerias, where they brandish obscure beers and discuss their love of indie bands, environmentalism and Ron Paul.

Illustration: Brad Gregg
You peer closer ...

Are they all — male and female alike — really wearing the same type of women’s pants? It’s difficult to make eye contact with them past the blur of thick-framed glasses and hand-knit beanies.

We’re speaking, of course, of hipsters. For those allergic to the species, just be thankful that the hipster population here appears to be on the low side.

In a recent poll by, Oklahoma City landed on a list of the 10 least hipster cities. Maybe country music and Tex-Mex are anathema to hipsters (ya think?) since cities in Texas and Oklahoma claim six of the 10 hipster-challenged spots’ slots.

The study points to OKC’s lack of strong public transportation, bike-friendly areas and walkability as huge deterrents for the young bunch. Still, hipsters who do deign to reside in our locale appear to get by nicely. Some even commute via cars, albeit begrudgingly and — of course — ironically.

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03.20.2013 at 03:24 Reply

Ha ha OKC takes another knock! At least we're not Texas. Look at how many Texas cities are uncool: