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Letters to the Editor

Real must-see TV

Susan K. Schmidt March 27th, 2013

We all can agree there is too much violence in the U.S. Each of us is damaged by the constant violence we witness, which includes steady exposure to violence on television. How can we get the writers, directors and actors to focus on more uplifting fare in place of the steady diet of murders while still protecting our freedom of speech?

If only there were a TV network not driven by profits, a network with the goal to make us more knowledgeable and more responsible citizens.

A network that chooses to present scientifically based programs, shows that inspire, educate and entertain. A network that delivers the news with honesty and integrity.

If only there were such a network.

There is. It is OETA. OETA presents programming that improves the human condition. It is public educational television and, like public schools, should be supported with our tax dollars.

—Susan K. Schmidt, Oklahoma City

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