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Letters to the Editor

How ’bout more guns?

Jack Bowen April 17th, 2013

The National Rifle Association is right, but not right enough. I believe the Second Amendment guarantee to bear arms is virtually God-given and the framers of the Constitution merely put it on paper.

Gun control is blaming weapons for bad things that happen. So enough already. Let’s quit trying to control guns and start controlling people by using compulsory mental health care and limits on movies and video games, because the Second Amendment trumps all others.

How do we handle the bad apples we miss? More guns/weapons/arms (mutually-assured destruction) equals less violence. Not only teachers, but even schoolchildren of any age who’ve had proper training, should be allowed to wear sidearms to class or even carry them concealed.

The super rich can amass personal arsenals to take on small countries that give them trouble. This will take pressure off our military and its budget.

That, plus the additional sales of weapons of all shapes and sizes, will help the economy and strengthen families who’ll bond while training to defend themselves.

Feel safer? Me, neither. I was just hoping this extreme version of NRA policy might shock some sense into somebody. But I doubt it.

—Jack Bowen, Fort Worth, Texas

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