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Questioning Hobby Lobby

Dennis Weigand May 8th, 2013

In all the back and forth about Hobby Lobby and the Affordable Care Act (News, Peter Wright, ”Crossing Obamacare,” May 1, Oklahoma Gazette), there is one important question that I have not seen addressed: Is employment at Hobby Lobby conditional on agreement with the religious views of the owners?

If it is, then perhaps they have some justification for denial of health insurance coverage of emergency contraception (although one wonders how many other sanctimonious prescriptions their employees would have to obey).

If it is not, then their claim that their religious freedom would be violated by the ACA is nothing but a hollow pretense to religious superiority, taking the position that Hobby Lobby’s religious freedom is more important than the religious freedom of their employees.

—Dennis Weigand, Edmond

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