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TJ Mayes - "When Love Comes Down"

’50s era rock ’n’ roll had been long overdue for a rebirth. Thankfully, the stockpile of capable luminaries has not been in short supply over the past few years. 

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Boare - "playdatshit"

The world is in the midst of an electronic music renaissance, and you find most of this boon of producers laying claim to the club-friendly, bass-dropping variety, holing up in the the free-flowing world of hip-hop beatmaking or pitching their tent on the out-there, boundary-pushing EDM camp.
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Broncho - "Class Historian"

Broncho has never been hurting in the hook department. The success of the trio’s 2011 debut, Can’t Get Past the Lips, was predicated mostly on its ability to marry melodies with kinetic guitar riffs and anarchic energy. Yet we’ve heard nothing to the degree of pure pop catchiness on display in “Class Historian,” the new single from Broncho’s upcoming sophomore album, Just Enough Hip to Be Woman.
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Manmade Objects - Monuments

No one wants to be forgotten; everyone wants some sort of legacy, a mark they leave behind as they exit this life for whatever lies beyond.

And for as long as there has been death, there have been monuments — whether austere or understated, abstract or concrete, prominent or tucked away in private — erected by the ones they loved to assure that remembrance, at least for a time.
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Admirals - Amidst the Blue

Sometimes it helps to not be very good.

Some of the best albums and artists were born out of happy accidents owed to varying degrees of early suckage — the perfect note or chord for a song found by missing the one you are aiming for, failed mimicry of an idol bearing something entirely new and great instead.

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Bright stripes

Tiger High roars into town with claws bared, ready to tear into a colorful take on garage rock.

Joshua Boydston May 15th, 2013

Tiger High with Cosmonauts and The Garden
10 p.m. Monday
Kamps 1310 Lounge
1310 N.W. 25th

The Grizzlies aren’t the only Memphians laying tracks in Oklahoma City this summer. Garage rock’s Tiger High — the name being a nod to the city’s university — brings Memphis along everywhere it goes, including Monday’s stop at Kamps 1310 Lounge.

“[Memphis] is a huge influence on us,” said drummer Greg Roberson. “There have been so many great musical inspirations, be it recording studios with in-house labels or just walking up the street and seeing Alex Chilton or Jay Reatard. It can’t help but affect you.”

Founding members Roberson and songwriter/producer Jake Vest are responsible for some of that Memphis music pedigree themselves, with the four members lending their respective talents to Reigning Sound, Jack Oblivian, The Trashed Romeos and more before forming in 2010.

“We played two years together before we played a note live. We just worked in the studio, recording,” Roberson said. “We thought it would translate and be something that was really cool live, and we were right.”

Vest brought along his brother Toby and friend Greg Faison, and the outfit has operated as a well-oiled machine ever since. Roberson created Trashy Creatures Records to release Tiger High’s music, while Toby Vest’s High/Low Recording has handled the production needs for the band’s two full-length albums: Myth Is This and Catacombs After Party.

“This is really self-contained. I run the business of the band, do all the booking and manage a record label where we are sort of the flagship artist,” Roberson said. “It’s a tight little family. Everything revolves around the four of us.”

The group loves the freedom that approach affords.

“You make your own decisions. If anything goes sideways, there’s no one to blame but yourself. We like it that way,” Roberson said. “We’d only do something with people we were really comfortable handing that over to. There’s people from all directions wanting to get involved, and I’m sure some of them will become part of the team at some point, but we like it to just be us.”

Tiger High has been busy writing and recording a new album, Tropical Illusion, and a foursome of singles due sometime this year. Songwriting just comes naturally when it’s in your veins.

“It’s not something that we force. It just happens, and we’re lucky to have what we have as a self-contained unit,” Roberson said. “We’re able to do whatever we want, whenever we want.”

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