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Letters to the Editor

Craving common sense

Howard Koerth May 22nd, 2013

In response to the “Slippery definitions” letter (Megan Hodge, May 8, Oklahoma Gazette):

Since the points listed seem to be from the standard G.O.D. (Gun Obsessive Disorder) dogma seen and heard from all those afflicted with this dementia-related condition, I’ll address my response to All Those Afflicted, or ATA.

ATA does have a point; it is difficult to find a well-defined standard to apply to the term “mentally unstable.” How do we limit this restriction of access to weapons from abusive/selective overuse and application? Who makes the call as to whether someone is a danger to themselves and/ or others? Psychiatrists? Psychologists? Doctors? It is a mystery.

This last point is where ATA picks itself up and — to protect itself from the tyranny of the government — starts babbling about the voices in its head and the hallucinations it sees. Visions of Hitler always seem to accompany this stage.

Hello? You’ve dropped off the edge of reason here. Are there government troops blocking churches and gun stores in your neighborhood? Are government agents disappearing your fellow survivalist club members? There is no conspiracy to take all of the guns or any of the guns you already have.

You know, people who were aware of what Hitler was doing got out of Germany while the getting was good. I invite all ATA to emigrate to South Africa. (No. That country has gun restrictions.) Or how about Australia? (Nope. That has even better gun restrictions.)

Liberty and freedom are anchored and made possible by the wise and unrestricted application of common sense. It is common sense that brings reality to dogma, restraint to extremism and reason to solutions for arguments. For our nation to evolve as a 21st-century, civilized society, good common sense must be the governing standard of our current “gun debate.”

—Howard Koerth, Oklahoma City

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