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You kidding me?

Larry Stem June 5th, 2013

When I started reading the letter to the editor titled “Hooray for G.W.” (May 8, Oklahoma Gazette) by David Oliver, I thought it some tart satire.

I soon realized that Mr. Oliver was deeply deluded and/or vastly enriched by the eight years in which G.W. stole two elections, started two entirely unnecessary wars (making puppetmaster Cheney millions in no-bid contracts), bankrupting the country with tax cuts for millionaires, stopping much-needed stem cell research, tortured suspects in violation of the Geneva Convention, ordered the rendition of Americans, gave a whole hour of flight to the victims of Katrina and performed various and sundry violations of law, good sense and his oath of office.

I guess this counts as “Mission Accomplished” for some microcosm of the electorate that Mr. Oliver obviously reveres while most of the world hates us.

—Larry Stem, Oklahoma City

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