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Undaunted Durst

Gazette staff June 12th, 2013

Remember that annoying “Nookie” song all your friends who listened to Top 40 were singing in high school? Something about cookies? And that one puzzling line about where haters could stick it? Yeah, we barely do, either.

Credit: Brad Gregg

Those guys are still around. No, really.

Limp Bizkit challenged the May 31 tornadoes to “Break Stuff” at Diamond Ballroom and played afterward for an audience of about 20 plucky concertgoers who had braved the storm with them.

The nu-metal band, all Florida residents, had an interesting day in Oklahoma. Front man Fred Durst tweeted a photo of the pre-tornado clouds and said he’d “never seen anything like it.” Guitarist Wes Borland sent a tweet thanking fans for sticking around after the tornado:

“We just survived our first tornado! Canceled show but we played 8 songs for the 20 fans that rode out the storm in the venue with us!” While severe weather had forced the show’s cancellation — and tickets to be subsequently refunded — the band members were so overjoyed to have survived the quintessential Oklahoma twister that they decided to hang out for a while and play a few songs although they weren’t being paid.

“Well, the venue we were in was hit by a tornado in OKC last night, but we stayed inside and played for the small group of people who showed up. It was an intense evening to say the least,” Limp Bizkit posted on its Facebook page.

As for the Diamond, it suffered modest exterior damage, although nearby areas were less fortunate.

Maybe the ’nado was too intimidated by Durst’s saggy jeans and backward baseball cap, or the fact that Limp Bizkit “packs a chainsaw.”

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Wes Borland Is the guitarist