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Too red for government aid?

Barbara Johnson June 12th, 2013

Oklahoma by record is the “reddest” state in the Union. It is the only state in which every county voted Republican in the last two presidential elections. The Republicans have made it clear that they feel the government is an enemy — a “tyrannical” government that further compounds the right to bear arms as a necessity for protection against such government. It has been made clear that their feeling is that they do not need the government in their lives.

Sens. James Inhofe and Tom Coburn of Oklahoma both voted against the Hurricane Sandy Aid bill, Inhofe saying that the money requested amounted to a “slush fund.” Hurricane Sandy affected a total of 24 states, and the costs have amounted to $50 billion.

Now comes the question: What will their vote be concerning these recent Oklahoma tornados? Coburn has already stated that he will not vote for an aid bill unless the same amount of money allocated is deducted from some other

federal program. Inhofe has said that the Oklahoma situation is nothing like the Hurricane Sandy situation; in other words, the Oklahoma use of the money would be more legitimate.

I would suppose that, since nearly everyone in Oklahoma is a Republican, they all concur that the government is not needed in their lives. So would it be true to assume that all of the Moore residences were covered by appropriate amounts of homeowners’ insurance and total coverage on automobiles and complete health insurance and six months of saved salaries for immediate needs and the means to take care of all their issues, including funerals?

There are estimated damages of $2 billion at this time. It is reported there are 100 Federal Emergency Management Agency employees there now. Will they be sent away? Will Oklahoma’s two U.S. senators vote against the aid? Will the state refuse the federal aid, and therefore, will all of the wealthy Oklahomans make donations to cover these needs?

As we know, there are plenty of quite wealthy Oklahomans, including celebrities such as Garth Brooks, Kristin Chenoweth, Toby Keith, Vince Gill, Reba McEntire, Chuck Norris, Gary Busey, Dr. Phil McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Tom and Judy Love, Aubrey McClendon, the owners of the Thunder, David Green of Hobby Lobby and on and on. These are extremely fortunate folks blessed with talent and/or business acumen.

Several of these folks have made their anti-government feelings known, so I would think they would eagerly step forward to finance what is needed for those who have not done their job to take care of their needs themselves.

—Barbara Johnson
Hurst, Texas

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