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Liberal angst

Pete Lepo July 3rd, 2013

Wanda Jo Stapleton’s cri de coeur (Letters, “A broken and for-sale Senate,” May 29, Oklahoma Gazette) about Sens. Tom Coburn and James Inhofe (and 45 others) for voting “no” on expanding the background checks for gun buyers is long on emotion, replete with meaningless statistics and flavored with erroneous polls.

The statement that “by opposing background checks for gun buyers, Coburn and Inhofe voted in favor of allowing the mentally ill and criminals to buy guns” is pernicious. First, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System is still in effect for gun buyers just as it has been since 1994; second, opposition to the legislation does not “allow” criminals and the mentally ill any permission to buy anything; and third, the restrictions on arbitrary crimes contained within the body of the legislation — such as loaning one of your weapons to a friend at a range — would result in an open legal attack on heretofore law-abiding citizens. Liberals have difficulty grasping the fact the criminals do not obey laws.

Is Ms. Stapleton’s concept of a “military-style assault rifle” akin to the Feinstein Flummery citing such evil appointments as the fear-inducing “black shroud” covering the barrel, the bone-chilling “pistol grip” and, of course, the ubiquitous “bayonet lug”? The only military-style assault weapons that I am aware of are the original World War II German automatic weapon and the M-16 models currently in use by our military that have a selector that allows a semiautomatic mode, a two- or three-shot mode, and an automatic mode. But they are restricted and not commercially available.

You devote a third of your missive obsessing over the political contributions to various senators but contributions made by the National Rifle Association. I’m sure it was an oversight on your part to not cite donations by George Soros or The Tides Foundation, and how much they donated to Sens. Dianne Feinstein, Charles Schumer and Dick Durbin? Just wondering.

Creating a database of legal gun buyers would be an obvious result of the extended background checks an,d that then would be, for all intents and purposes, a National Gun Registry. As history has proven, confiscation is the next step, as England and Australia found out. For the “It can’t happen here” crowd, it has already taken place in New Orleans, is taking place in California and New York and is promised by a host of Democratic anti-Constitutionalists.

You know what’s amazing? All of this gun-control rhetoric would have absolutely no affect on any of the tragedies. None.

—Pete Lepo, Edmond

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