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A court in their court

Steve Ditto July 17th, 2013

The radical right wing (state chamber) just must politicize everything, even the courts (Commentary, Fred Morgan, “Common sense needed on the court,” June 26, Oklahoma Gazette). It decries “legislating from the bench,” conveniently forgetting the concept of judicial review (alive and well since 1803) and a number of decisions with which it agrees (defined as “not legislating from the bench”), such as Bush v. Gore (picked a U.S. president), Citizens United (overturned decades of precedent) and, most recently, the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, which Congress overwhelmingly affirmed in 2006.

Recent lawsuit reform legislation was struck down 7-2 by the Oklahoma Supreme Court on a constitutional technicality unrelated to partisan politics.

Morgan condemned the seven who “legislated” from the bench and called for action from the Oklahoma Civil Justice Council (OCJC), a right-wing group organized to “evaluate” those running for judicial office.

Whatever happened to two centuries of culture and custom that dictated that the most qualified applicant be appointed or elected to the bench — rather than those who would violate their oath of neutrality and rule consistently in favor of business no matter the facts or the issues — which is exactly the type of judge Morgan wants? He praised the two judges who agreed with him and wished the other seven had ignored the law as well. And, not coincidentally, those two had the highest ratings from OCJC.

So much for neutrality, a core concept of our republic but wholly foreign to Morgan.

—Steve Ditto, Edmond

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