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Reece Kepler October 9th, 2013

Is that the silhouette of a flying pig I see by the light of a blue moon? Or did this conservative reader agree with something Rev. Robin Myers penned in Oklahoma Gazette?

The Sept. 25 issue carries a commentary by Meyers (Commentary, “Oklahoma’s public defenders,” Gazette) which, in part, says that newscasters should…well, cast news! He goes on to point out three stories of local interest where the 6-o’clock talking heads tainted the facts with opinion, essentially telling us “what to think.”

I usually appreciate the commentary offered by the Ogles and Wogles (Ogle wannabes) of our fair city. I expect most folks in these parts do. But I can see Rev. Meyers’ point. News is news. Save your opinions for the op-ed segment.

Hey Rev., let’s have lunch. Maybe we can find something else we agree on, like condiments. I’m a mustard guy myself.

— Oklahoma City

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