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Cool rancher

Gazette staff May 7th, 2014

A burglar in Enid roiled the wrong rancher when he decided to go shopping around town and give himself the five-finger discount.


KFOR reported the rancher, Mike Diel, noticed a man parked in a truck near his property. The man was cordial and said he was fixing a flat tire. A little while later, the truck was next to Diel’s barn. Diel looked in the barn and noticed his welder was missing. He then pulled a gun on 34-year-old Ronald Roberts.

Roberts reportedly headed back to his truck to make his escape. But Diel wanted to ensure the heist was halted and raced ahead in his truck, locked a gate on the property and called 911.

When sticky fingers Roberts realized he was corralled, Diel pointed his gun and told Roberts to get on the ground. Roberts approached Diel but finally laid down on the ground. Deputies arrived shortly thereafter and arrested Roberts.

In his truck, deputies found a television, oil field tools and, oddly enough, bags of cold and frozen groceries likely stolen from other residences. Let this be a lesson to wannabe criminals that window shopping does not mean seeing something you want in a window and then climbing in and taking it.

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