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Fallin, Queen of Hearts

Gazette staff May 21st, 2014

Texas might execute more people in number, but Oklahoma executes more of its own per capita, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. That’s a status Gov. Mary Fallin probably doesn’t want to lose anytime soon. To quote the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland: “Off with their heads!” But this isn’t a children’s story.

When the state’s Supreme Court attempted a stay of execution for Clayton Lockett, Fallin accused the court of overstepping its bounds. She then pushed for the execution.

In doing so, the conservative leader inadvertently gave anti-death penalty advocates fuel for why the practice should be abolished. Whoops.

The state used an “experimental” combination of drugs on Lockett, which some claim botched the convicted murder’s execution, making it potentially unconstitutional because his death was seen by some experts as “cruel and unusual punishment.” Things like this haven’t stopped Gov. Fallin before.

In January, another Green Mile inmate was heard saying, “I feel my whole body burning,” when he was executed by lethal injection. Fallin pushed on. Because, you know, she’s tough on crime. It’s not like politicians are feeding these inmates to the wolves. Or drawing and quartering them. Or even just giving them a pill to go quietly into the afterlife. If such a thing exists.

On with the body count.

Correction: In the May 21 issue of Oklahoma Gazette, a Chicken-Fried News piece said that Gov. Mary Fallin threatened to impeach Oklahoma Supreme Court justices who issued a controversial stay of execution. She did not. Oklahoma House of Representatives member Michael Christian, R-Oklahoma City, wrote a resolution calling for the impeachment of the five justices.

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