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A tower in your honor

Gazette staff July 2nd, 2014

Millennials, you did it again. Not only are you still mooching off your parents and not voting because you’re too busy volunteering with nonprofits, but you’ve also gone and forever altered the OKC skyline.

Or at least people have altered the skyline in your honor. That’s what architect Hal B. Sharp of San Francisco-based Gensler Architects said recently when he spoke about the Devon Tower.

Sharp was quoted in The Tulsa World as saying corporations are catering their practices and campuses to the millennial generation, those born around 1980 — give or take a few years.

“‘Trophy properties,’ Sharp said, are so 30 years ago. White-collar employees expect to be able to work in a coffee bar or outdoor space on campus, as well as in collaboration-oriented office space, he said,” reporter Richard Mize wrote in The Tulsa World.

Yeah, so just consider the Devon Tower a big coffee bar and not a trophy property. One giant, 844-foot coffee bar. A 54-story collaboration-oriented office space. And,  millennials, it is all for you. The article went on to characterize Generation Y as less needy, at least when it comes to work space, because of technology and culture. The article also said millennials are the No. 3 issue affecting real estate. But the story didn’t report whether that is because they live with their parents.

When people have — almost literally — moved mountains for you (the Devon Tower’s foundation alone was built with 26 million pounds of concrete), just imagine what could be done at the voting booths with that kind of power! Instead, we only want to Snapchat, huff poppers and update one Internet status or another while wasting the degree our parents paid for.

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