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Oklahoma's man in the middle

Scott Cooper August 21st, 2008

Will the convention be in order? Will the convention "¦ will the convention be at "¦ will the sergeant-at-arms enforce order in the convention "¦ ahh. It was 1:10 a.m. and Oklahoma congressman Carl A...

claimed his intention to run for president.

Chicago had other problems leading up to the convention. City bus and taxi cab drivers went on strike, as did electrical workers and telephone installers. Daley made things even more difficult by stalling city permits to anyone wishing to use the city's parks for protests.

Several Democrats were calling on the party to move the convention from Chicago, Harris among them. But party leaders refused to change locations.

Then, on June 5, Robert Kennedy was shot to death after speaking to supporters upon his win in the California presidential primary.

Harris put in plainly: "1968 was an awful year for America."

Back on the convention side, Meek and Criswell were inundated with requests from various groups, all wanting their say at the convention. Betty Friedan, of the newly formed National Organization for Women, wrote to Meek requesting NOW be given an opportunity to present their views to the platform committee.

"NOW has urged that women refuse to "

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