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Human Rights Watch

December 9th, 2010

In recent years frisky Britons have popularized "dogging" " strangers meeting for outdoor sex in remote public parks.

" In recent years frisky Britons have popularized "dogging" " strangers meeting for outdoor sex in remote public parks " and U.K. government agencies appear to be of two minds about it. Local councils want to see it stopped, but the police chiefs' association in Scotland recognizes that doggers have rights. (The Surrey County Council, for example, recently considered bringing wild bulls into one park to discourage doggers, although one critic said romping bulls "will probably make (doggers) even more excited." The chiefs' association issued a 60-page "hate crimes" manual in October that urged officers to be sensitive to "outdoor sex" practitioners, in that they are vulnerable to hate crimes just as are other disadvantaged minorities.)

" In November, the California Supreme Court ruled unanimously that some illegal immigrants are entitled to enroll in the state's universities at the in-state residents' rate (saving as much as $23,000 a year) even though U.S. citizens at the same schools may have to pay higher fees as non-California residents. Though federal law prevents special benefits to illegal immigrants, California's law grants anyone who has attended the state's high schools for at least three years, and graduated, to pay resident rates " irrespective of their parents' legal residency.

 " Chadwick St.-OHarra, 59, and Steve Righetti, 59, filed lawsuits in small claims court in San Rafael, Calif., in November against the Seafood Peddler restaurant for "injuries." Cutting into the escargot at dinner in June, both men were squirted in the face by streams of hot garlic butter. Still, the men finished the meal and admitted that only later did they grow to resent the restaurant staff's insufficient remorse. Said St.-OHarra, "It was the friggin' rudeness" that provoked them to sue.
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