Thursday 31 Jul

Sobering sounds

Copperheads with Depth & Current, Dudes of America and Oblivious

10 p.m. Saturday


113 N. Crawford Ave., Norman



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Pony expression

Wild Ponies

8 p.m. Sunday

The Blue Door

2805 N. McKinley Ave.



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Music Made Me: Josh Hogsett

Few, if any, Oklahoma bands have seen a rise as meteoric as Tallows over the past year, yet its seemingly overnight ascension didn’t happen by chance. The Oklahoma City four-piece is well-versed in the ways of modern pop songwriting, drawing from both glitchy electronica and cathartic indie rock in equal measure. Last year, the band pulled off a rare musical feat with its debut album, Memory Marrow, which was steeped heavily in the breadth of recent history yet managed to sound like nothing else before it.
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Planting the seed

Chelsey Cope’s new band, Elms, is as earthy and native to Oklahoma as the trees that are their namesake. The soulful folk four-piece’s debut EP, Parallel Lines, was recorded at Bell Labs Recording Studio in Norman and is on its way in September. But the band has already given us a tease, with its first single, “Burn,” going live on SoundCloud on July 14.
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Commercial rock

Center of the Universe Festival featuring Capital Cities, Young The Giant, AWOLNATION & more
Downtown Tulsa 

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Damien Rice-9

None December 21st, 2006


Warner Bros.

The mental image I've had of eternally dour troubadour Damien Rice' as a leaky human sieve, barely held together and struggling to stay whole amid a near-constant barrage of debris' is only reinforced with his sophomore disc "9." Love is either unrequited, spurned or dreamt in Rice's songs, acoustic shards of folk-pop that often seethe like fresh scrapes.
Having made a sizable splash with his equally morose debut, 2003's "O," Rice has a high-profile romance' a brief dalliance with Renée Zellweger' under his belt since last hitting the studio and the expected implosion of that coupling has provided plenty of raw material for Rice to sift through. "Rootless Tree," a relatively sunny track on the surface, explodes into a soaring, FCC-antagonizing chorus that seeps bile.
At just over an hour, "9" isn't interminable, but one man's ceaseless pain can be another's boredom. I understand that Rice is a sensitive lad, but Europe popped out one Nick Drake and isn't that enough for everyone? 
- Preston Jones

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