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Escape from Tomorrow

With Escape from Tomorrow, one fears the story behind the movie would loom larger than the movie itself. Luckily, that is not the case. After all, it opens with a decapitation on Disney World’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster.
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William Friedkin spends a lot of time in his 2013 memoir discussing why Sorcerer didn't click with critics and audiences even though he believes it to be better than his previous film, The Exorcist. Now that Warner Home Video has reissued Sorcerer on Blu-ray, we can see what Friedkin's fuss is all about.
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Broadchurch: The Complete First Season

Welcome to the coastal resort of Broadchurch, population … oh, who can keep track, what will all the corpses? Yes, Broadchurch is yet another British television procedural involving the search for a murderer in a quaint little town, just like the limited series The Fall and Top of the Lake.
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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Essentially part five in the ridiculously profitable horror franchise, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones continues the found-footage conceit of the other films. The difference is instead of the scares taking place in rich white suburbia, they do so in a junky apartment complex on a largely Latino side of Oxnard, Calif.
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Holy Ghost People

Holy Ghost People examines two sisters whose bond is torn — but by what? After her sibling has been missing for more than a year, Charlotte (Emma Greenwell, TV's Shameless) intends to find out.
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Saw 3D

None November 2nd, 2010

serve himself, and that's because he's not a Jigsaw survivor at all. He's a pants-afire liar, so Hoffman (Costas Mandylor), the killer since the real Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) died many movies ago, kidnaps Bobby and forces him to navigate through an underground maze where each room poses a deadly threat to Bobby's PR army. Bobby has an hour to wind his way through it or his wife (Gina Holden, TV's "Harper's Island") will become a victim as well.

Meanwhile, Hoffman still has time to hunt down Jigsaw's widow, Jill (Betsy Russell), who's turned him in to the cops, as well as set up ridiculously elaborate traps for various ne'er-do-wells "” from cheaters to racists "” who serve no further purpose to the film once snuffed.

Where does Hoffman find these people and how does he know about them? Isn't his real estate agent the least bit suspicious about his penchant for rundown properties? Does he take advantage of Home Depot's 12-month/no-interest card in purchasing his equipment? And what does he get with his Best Buy Reward Zone points for all the TVs he buys? More TVs?

Does it matter? This series is not about filling endless plot holes, but expending its mental energy on coming up with new ways to dispatch its amateur-hour cast members, and "Saw 3D" throws out a couple of doozy set pieces to make even the most immune gorehound flinch.

Ocular trauma, pulled teeth, ripped skin, spilled intestines "” what will next Halloween be without them?  "”Rod Lott

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