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You'll have a gay ol' time at 'Frogville, Oklahoma,' a new play about how a small town reacts to some big news

None June 10th, 2010

Ada Bumpkins, the church organist; Jud Hobart, the oldest living resident; Deputy Alice Perkins, the one-armed "long arm of the law"; Ida Bell, the black-hearted owner of the local frog-leg eatery; Freeda Stroud, the town floozy; and Enid Hollow, the happy mother who just loves gays as much as a shot of vodka with her lemonade.

Due to a limited rehearsal schedule and the need for actors who could play three to four roles each, Matson sought out performers  he had worked with before and knew he could rely on.

"I found a great group of character actors, because that's what this play needed, and what they've done with the show is incredible," he said.

Trying to nail down the comedic tone of "Frogville" has been a challenge for Matson and his cast. 

"At times, I see it as a parody. Then it becomes a bit of a farce, going into the absurd, then right back to a nice, broad comedy," he said. "This is really where the audience becomes the essential key to a new play. They will answer that big question, 'What type of comedy are we?'" 

As much as Matson was interested in exploring the culture clash over gay marriage, he also wanted to create a comedy that would appeal to a broader audience, and maybe just get some people to loosen up and be more accepting.

"I love this state, but we sure can get uptight about the littlest things, such as marriage," he said. "”Eric Webb
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