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Robin L. Obert

By Carol Smaglinski May 16th, 2012

The very accomplished Robin L. Obert is the executive chef at the Governor’s Mansion in Oklahoma City and has held that position for more than eight months. The former instructor at Platt College has a son, Sterling Sullivan.

The Governor’s favorite food:  “Gov. Mary Fallin likes light and healthy.”

What did you wish you knew five years ago: “Patience.”

Favorite indulgence: “A long, hot bath with a glass of wine.”

People say you remind them of: “Linda Ronstadt."

You would show off Oklahoma to a visitor at: “The Governor’s Mansion, of course, and then to Bricktown or to the airport where they could see all the people.”

Never eat: “Blowfish”

But would kill for: “Sweetbreads (the thymus gland of small animals).”

Most difficult thing you’ve done: “I have finished off my under graduate with Le Cordon Bleu (on-line out of Scottsdale, Ariz.) and made a perfect 4.0. An article was written about me that went to all of the Le Cordon Bleu’s.”

A real challenge: “I did all that while I was carrying two full-time jobs.”

If you owned your own restaurant, the food would be: “Light and healthy or normal, happy comfort foods.”

Quick tip for amateur cooks: “Have sharp knives and measure.”

Greatest extravagance: “When I travel, I always get the best hotel rooms. I stayed at the Ritz in Chicago where they even push the elevator button for you.”

People don’t know: “That I was on the rodeo team in high school and the first-ever girl captain of a boy’s swim team. I appear to be an extrovert, but am an introvert."

Die and come back: “As myself with a few tweaks; mostly in the Men Department.”

Inspired by:  “My parents, William and Lillian Obert.”

Fave trade magazine: “Wine Spectator.

Funny kitchen happening: “On an important dinner, I worked on a sauce reduction all day and then went outside and had trouble lighting the grill and took two minutes too long. Came back in and the sauce was burned and gone. I had to laugh. What else could you do?”

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