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Emma Ryan

Chow Chat

By Carol Smaglinski August 22nd, 2012

Emma Ryan is a pastry chef at the highly respected Matthew Kenney’s 105 Degrees, 5820 N. Classen Blvd., where nothing is cooked over 105 degrees. What a challenge for a pastry chef! Matthew Kenney is an author and chef known for his unique ways with vegetarian and raw cuisine.

Matthew Kenney is: “An author and chef known for his unique ways with vegetarian and raw cuisine.”

Where students at Matthew Kenney have come from: “Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Italy and Australia.”

Education of Emma Ryan: “I am a student at University of Central Oklahoma majoring in nutrition and business.”

Your position: “Pastry chef for Kenney and also a certified event and wedding planner.”

Can’t stay away from: “Instagram — where I go for recipes and exchange recipes. I am 100 percent vegan.”

Also: “Gluten-free by choice, not because I need to be.”

Famous person you would like to look like: “Jennifer Aniston.”

In your own restaurant, you would feature: “A vegan meatloaf and a massive kale salad.”

You would never eat: “Dairy or meat.”

But love: “Sweet potatoes.”

Nobody knows that you are: “A ballroom dancer.”

And they don’t know: “I was the ‘Best Smile’ in my yearbook in high school.”

Quick tip for a cook: “Read a cookbook!”

Have traveled to:  “I’ve been to London, Italy, Costa Rica and Scotland.”

Die and come back: “As a bird.”

Mom and Dad are: “Michael Ryan and Jill Ryan, and my dad is my best friend.”

Favorite date night: “I have never been on a date.”

Favorite trade magazine: “Veg News.”

Essential tool in your kitchen: “The Vita Mix.”

Nickname: “No, not really, but some people call me M.”

Best-liked movie: Stepbrothers.”

Splurge on: “Cookie dough.”

Best advice given to you by a former teacher: “Character is what you do when no one is looking.”

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09.14.2012 at 08:15 Reply

Yah, that's my Niecie!  Woot, Emma!  This woman can COOK!!!