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Learning about democracy at the Capitol

By Scott Cooper April 3rd, 2008
in general are frequently called upon and recognized to speak on behalf or in opposition to a bill during a committee meeting.


Feeling he had no other choice, Smith started yelling from the back of the room, proclaiming his right to be heard. Liebmann told the chief either shut up or the chair's posse would move in.


See kids, it's just the noise of democracy, when you can hear it.


But the biggest noise of the day came two floors down as more than a thousand true believers turned the Capitol into a tent revival.  It was the "Rally for Sally" where the masses crammed the second floor to hail their hero, Sally Kern. They sang songs, including the only song anyone ever remembers Lee Greenwood for, "Proud to be an American." Then it was the national anthem. One fervent Kern supporter kept yelling "stand up" as the chorus grew to the upper levels of the building.


After a prayer, an entourage of Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers parted the crowd and allowed the queen of anti-gay crusaders to adore her fans.



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