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Tax that

By Scott Cooper April 16th, 2008

For Oklahomans who hate paying taxes, and legislators who love cutting taxes, here is a bit of news: Oklahoma has the lowest tax rate in the country.

To some this may come as a shock, but others have known about this for years. However, just to confirm it as a fact, here is a new analysis done by Microsoft News (MSN).

When state, local and federal taxes are combined, Oklahoma residents have the lowest rate per capita at 27.8 percent. Alabama is next at 28 percent and Alaska third at 28.1 percent. The three highest states were Connecticut with 38.3 percent, New York at 37.1 percent and New Jersey at 35.6 percent.

The next time an Oklahoma resident complains about how much they pay in taxes, dare them to move to another state. -Scott Cooper

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