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Today I announce

By Scott Cooper June 14th, 2008

Frequent observers of the Oklahoma Legislature probably had a peculiar look on their face when studying the candidates who recently filed for election in House District 41.

I know I certainly did.

At the bottom of a list of five candidates was a name too familiar for me: Mine.

Yes, Scott Cooper has filed as an Independent candidate for the district.

I laughed so hard the autographed frame photo of former Oklahoma City news anchor Jack Bowen fell off editor Rob Collins' wall (it's one of his prized possessions).

I don't know what is funnier, the thought of some legislators who have not been under a favorable light in some of my articles seeing my name on the ballot; or imagining if Mr. Cooper actually won, the reception he would receive his first day in office. It is probably a safe bet Mr. Cooper would not get a good parking space assignment.

Making matters more complicated is the fact that Scott Cooper of Lahoma, the actual candidate, and Scott Cooper of the Gazette are both registered independents. But the riddle was solved when looking at the age difference Cooper of Lahoma is 26 while I am 40 (AND I'M A MAN!).

Of course, every election year, there are candidates whose name matches some ordinary citizen who would just assume dump all politicians in a lake. Capitol reporter Michael McNutt of The Oklahoma chided me about the ballot name. I told him my first thought when seeing my name on the ballot: "Quick, call Lance Cargill. I need some campaign contributions." "Scott Cooper

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