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Graduation Gifts

By Jenny Coon Peterson April 30th, 2009

I've always been puzzled by the celebrations surrounding high school graduation. The excitement just doesn't quite fit the achievement.

Not that I'm complaining that much. With the money I pulled from my own graduation almost 10 years ago now, I funded my first trip to Europe (instead of, say, a new computer for college " mine was a glorified telegraph machine that had to be practically crank-started " or the needed text books that turned out to be really effing expensive). On the flip side, all I received for college graduation was a pat on the back and a bill in the mail.

I guess it's all about the rite of passage, you know: Accept this diploma, a handful of cash and prizes, and start being a productive member of society. Either way, it's a big deal and a time to celebrate.

Getting grad announcements in the mail? If you're not inclined to give cash, check out these gift ideas. At my own grad party, I received the obligatory "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Seuss " a very sweet gesture, I think. While out scouting for ShopGirl, I've run across great Cross pens at Kamber's (for writing all those bills), perfect dorm accents at I Want Cards and grad-themed charms at James Avery. Being a proud (read: cold and taciturn) Northerner, I can't support wearing charm bracelets, but I've been told they're huge here " like, seriously a big deal " so I'm trusting that walking around with a mortar board charm hanging off your wrist won't elicit stares.

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