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Hoeing it up

By Jenny Coon Peterson May 20th, 2009

When Elizabeth Pressler-Henderson found herself unemployed last year, she turned to gardening. She'd only ever tried container gardening, but, with time on her hands, she started planting in the back yard of her home in Oklahoma City's Crestwood addition.

Now, just a year later, Pressler-Henderson is a public relations professional by day and the Urban Garden Hoe blogger by, well, not night, but by any other time. She started the blog at almost as soon as she first picked up the hoe to share her gardening successes.

Her mother may not have been too keen on the name, but Pressler-Henderson said it reflected the younger generation of gardeners who are becoming connected to where their food comes from. Gardening, she said, is no longer just for little old ladies growing pretty flowers.

Plus, she said, "I liked that it was a little saucy."

What started as a fun project " for example, eating a salad that came entirely from back yard produce " quickly became a passion. She said watching something grow from a tiny seed to a large, mature plant made her feel more connected to nature and the process of life.

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