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Taking a Bite

By Jenny Coon Peterson June 4th, 2009

Because of my Puritanical ways and juvenile sense of humor, I've never ventured to Biting the Apple, the annual erotic art show.

I mean, I could barely hold it together at the Sex Museum in Amsterdam, and the only reason I kept even a modicum composure (seriously, you should have seen the ancient Chinese porcelain figurines) was because I didn't want to be the "laughing American in the bestiality room." Plus, after a visit to New Orleans that happened to fall during Southern Decadence, I've become a firm believer that the folks who have no problem donning a leather thong and ball gag in public probably " considering body mass index " shouldn't.

But, I'm finally doing it. I'm going all the way. I'll be the person in the corner all red faced and furiously biting the inside of my cheek to keep from laughing (which will probably come off all pervy and like I want you to accompany me to my white conversion van waiting just over there in the dark alley).

The 18th annual Biting the Apple, with a theme this year of "Redefining Red: Exploring the Color of Eros" is this Friday and Saturday at IAO Gallery, 811 N. Broadway, and a satellite loft space across the street. Tickets are $20, or $30 for both nights.

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