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Just like mom made

By Jenny Coon Peterson February 12th, 2010
Just like your mother used to make. I see ads and taglines like that all the time for restaurants. But unless they're talking Chef Boyardee boxed pizza or the No. 3 at Taco Bell, I somehow doubt their food has anything to do with my own mom's cooking.

So my mom could never be considered a "down-home" cook, I'm seriously OK with that (better than OK, I actually hate that type of food). But one thing she could do is create a mean dessert: pumpkin roll, banana cream pie, gooseberry tarts, strawberry-rhubarb pie. My mom isn't close by to make me a treat for my upcoming birthday, so I've been heading to local spots to do some sweet "research."

I've been loving 105 Degrees, and the desserts are just as amazing as the entrees. The menu changes with the season, so keep that in mind. For example, in the fall I tried a cinnamon trio (three different bite-sized offerings featuring cinnamon) that was amazing. Look for unique pairings, like a pomegranate red velvet cake with lemon frosting.

For sublime cupcakes, I love the offerings at Cuppies & Joe. I scarf down the Sammy G (a German chocolate cake) or the fruit pie. This is a great spot for a birthday cupcake (or, the first of many birthday cupcakes).

Every time I head to Prairie Thunder (which is pretty much weekly), I stare longingly at " and usually succumb to " the mixed berry crostata, blueberries and raspberries in a just-sugary-enough pastry.

I swear to God, it's a religious experience. And I don't mean the kind that involves being weirded out by people speaking in tongues and the mortal fear that someone's going to bring out the snakes. I mean the good kind of religious experience.

A near-religious experience? Prairie Thunder's sunflower seed bread. Not a dessert, but just as tasty.
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