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Bubble love

By Jenny Coon Peterson April 15th, 2010
Cayman's, that fantastic Norman shop, is going bubbly for an event next week. A pure oxygen bubble, actually.

I appreciate good, clean air (I mean, good luck trying to find someone that goes giddy for smog, but still). Try riding any number of subway systems, and you'll be right there with me. So a private oxygen bubble that pumps out 99.995 percent pure air? Sign me up.

And in a pretty exclusive event, that's exactly what's coming to Cayman's. For the first time in the state " and, in fact, the first time outside of Neiman Marcus stores or the Oscars (yes, those Oscars) " Natura Bisse is bringing its BurbujaO2 to Cayman's. The exotically named contraption is a large, futuristic bubble filled with purified air.

And you don't just lounge around breathing deeply, although that alone would be nice. Inside the private bubble, you relax with spa treatments using Natura Bisse products.

Cayman's will play host to the BurbujaO2 April 19-22, so call 360-3969 to make a reservation.
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