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Card to the city

By Jenny Coon Peterson May 5th, 2010
I suck at using coupons. Absolutely suck. And while I have your attention, is it "kew" or "coo" for coupon? I go for "kew," but I know people who are all about the "coo," some would say militarily so. (I don't really care; it's not like greasy vs. greezy or cement vs. ceeeeement or anything. Greezy and ceeeeeement are completely, horribly wrong, FYI.)

Anyway, coupons and my lack of using them. You'd think, what with my complete disregard of the tiny paper discount-getters, that I'd have a similar disregard for the OKCityCard. Nope. Love it. Use it all the time, in fact.

Maybe it's because I can use it at my favorite local stores and restaurants, or maybe because it's not just redeemable for 20 cents off the 380-ounce jug of mayo, but I find the OKCityCard infinitely usable.

Allied Arts puts the card out every year, and proceeds from the discount card go back to the arts community in the metro. They're good for a full year from the time you order one, and include tons of discounts (there are 181 partners this year, in fact). I use mine all the time at Prairie Thunder Baking Co., French Cowgirl and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, but the card is also good for galleries, hotels, classes, performing arts and sporting events.

And did I mention that it's all local? Yeah, take that, other, substandard coupons.
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