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Detective Drew

By Jenny Coon Peterson May 15th, 2010
So here are a few things I never knew about Nancy Drew. First, that name that always appears under the title " that of author Carolyn Keene " that's just a pseudonym. Apparently, the idea for the books were thought up by a publisher named Edward Stratemeyer, and each book was ghostwritten by a number of different people. Second: The title character went through a big revamp in the 1950s to get rid of earlier racist overtones.

What? That's not the Nancy I knew! (Of course, that info did come from Wikipedia, that bastion of truth.)

I admit, I never really got too into Nancy Drew, but I did read a handful of the books from my mom's childhood collection (all post-1959 revamp). What I found were quick-moving little mysteries solved by a sweet-as-sugar girl who solved the puzzle while always dressing her best. They weren't exactly envelope-pushers, but that's kind of perfect for young readers.

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Nancy and her adventures, original publisher Grosset & Dunlap has released a limited edition of her first mystery, 1930's "The Secret of the Old Clock."

The great little book comes complete with the 1959 edition illustrations (check out that awesome camping wear on page 90-91) and a front page of Nancy tidbits from Jennifer Fisher, of the website Here are a few to leave you with:

Nancy has solved more than 500 cases since 1930. She met her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, in "The Clue in the Diary." Finally, Nancy is always prepared; she keeps an overnight bag in her car packed with pajamas, a robe, bathing suit, two changes of clothes and toiletries.
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