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River running

By Jenny Coon Peterson May 28th, 2010
So, I fell in a river a few weeks ago. (No, it wasn't the Bricktown Canal, although I was at that blackballed event and think certain Prudie McPrudesters need to take a deep breath and chill.)

I was hiking at Robbers Cave State Park when the incident occurred. Now, here's the thing: I love hiking and I love water, so I often look for trails that follow rivers or skirt lakes or somehow involve waterfalls. We were two miles into the hike when the path skipped across a smattering of stones " no, let's call them pebbles " just sticking up from a river " let's say they were Class III rapids. I've never been at all skittish about crossing rivers, so I just charged ahead. And fell right in. Both shoes, butt, everything.

My husband helpfully laughed and went to sit in the shade while I dried out.

But despite that ill-fated river crossing, hiking at Robbers Cave is totally worth it. The path steps off from the parking lot at the famous cave and loops up and around the back of it, dumping you on top of the rock formations (where, I might add, you can have a lovely sense of superiority over the people who showed up in flip-flops). The trail links up with others to add to the length (that's what we were doing when I was attacked by the river), making it a great, half-day hike.

I also recently discovered the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, another great park full of forests and water. The hikes around the Travertine Nature Center range from wide and flat to hilly tracks, and all are really lovely.

The Travertine Creek Trail (pictured) especially combines both of those things (plus some more river crossings and two lovely springs). This long weekend is the perfect time to check out both of these parks.
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