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Day for Dad

By Jenny Coon Peterson June 18th, 2010
Egads, it's almost Father's Day. And not, like, two weeks from now, but two days from now. How did that happen? Damn you, time, you've foiled me again.

I have a great dad. The poor guy had to deal with a daughter who thought there were only seven innings in baseball (because "seventh-inning stretch" obviously meant stretch after a long game and go home, right?) and who, much to his lament, never took to golf.

Instead, he faithfully went to 14 years of dance recitals. He trekked to every single cheerleading competition I was in for five years " and for four years of that five, those competitions were nearly every weekend from October to March " and even wrote little notes in the margin of the programs to try and size up how we did.

He paid for my college and bought me a car and was only marginally appalled when I got a lip piercing and dyed my hair purple.

What do you buy for a dad like that? I was thinking of buying him a plane ticket down here (then asking him to rewire my house while he was visiting), but that didn't seem quite so daughterly.

I still can't figure out what I'll do, but here are a few ideas.

Blue 7 has started carrying Jack Black products. No, not like the dude behind Tenacious D, but a man-approved skin care line. The products have a cool, East Coast vibe to them and also include old-school grooming kits.

There's also manly "X of the Month" clubs, like meat, cheese and beer. Can't go wrong with those.

Like was done with Mother's Day, metro museums are offering free admission for dads this Sunday. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum and the American Banjo Museum are all participating downtown. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, the Oklahoma City Zoo and the Sam Noble Oklahoma Natural History Museum in Norman are also offering free admission to ol' pops, too.
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