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Summer art

By Jenny Coon Peterson July 7th, 2010
I'm always plotting to take up some sort of art class, although I've yet to find one that specializes in the highbrow movement of Cheetos painting.

In the scenario that runs through my mind, I'll discover I'm a natural and everyone will be super-impressed and offer to pay me loads of money to buy my creations. I'll become a true artiste and travel the globe bringing my gift of the brush/lens/pen/crochet hook to others.

Oddly, it's never actually panned out like that. Weird, right? I learned to "knit" this past winter. I say "knit" because, while the instructor was exceedingly patient and the class as a whole a great success, I haven't advanced much past scarves.

Still, I'm hopeful that I'll be able to add to my stable of skills with some summer art classes. There's a ton to choose from in the metro " check these places out.

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art has a ton of really tempting adult art classes (and just as many children's classes " which is probably more my speed).

One really intriguing duo of classes works with clay. The "Hands in Clay" one-day workshop teaches you all about making ceramic pieces and concludes with firing your first clay masterpiece. The follow-up is the "Glazing Basics" one-day workshop that takes your kiln-fired piece and teaches the art of glazing. "Hands in Clay" is coming up on July 31, and "Glazing Basics" is Aug. 19. Registration is available on the OKCMOA site.

The museum also has summer classes in drawing, painting and printmaking (like one on portraits where maybe I'd learn how to draw noses that don't resemble pig snouts/Victoria Beckham) and photography classes.

Elsewhere in the metro, City Arts Center has a number of adult classes that are running from July 12 to Sept. 3. For beginners, check out the center's weaving program. Seriously, like weaving on a loom and everything. I think that's so cool. There's also a beginning oil painting class (so you, too, can make happy little trees). The classes are weekly and held in the evening, so they're perfect for us working schmos.

This post is getting fairly long, so I'll have to cover the next class I'm thinking of taking " French " in another Culture Chic. Oui, oui. (And I've now exhausted my French dictionary.)

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