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Mmmm, minty!

By Jenny Coon Peterson July 15th, 2010
A few months ago, I wrote a ShopGirl column about the mint growing rampant in my backyard. I even likened it to an army.

I have since realized my mistake. The mint of two months ago was about as developed as Kyrgyzstan's navy. Today, it's like the Chinese army (except with unrestricted Facebook access).

Seriously, you guys, it's a disaster in my backyard. The only option is to triple my Mojito intake. It'll be hard, but I'll soldier on. I'll probably start acting like Sandra Lee attempting to get through the "cocktail" section of her show, but whatever.

If you don't have mint invading your own yard, head to these spots to get your fill.

Prohibition Room serves some amazing cocktails, and the Mojito is no exception. Since the bartenders there don't use any mixes, it's just a simple and delicious concoction of rum, lime, fresh lime juice, sugar and fresh mint.

In food form, check out the Cookies n Mint cupcake at Green Goodies by Tiffany or the Andes Mint cupcake at Ruth's Sweete Justice.
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