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The Girlies want you

By Jenny Coon Peterson July 30th, 2010
My papa was a painter. He also wrote his own brand of fairy tales and made his own wine, so he was a bit of a campy Renaissance man. But his true love was painting.

His specialty: painting landscapes on cured tree fungi (seriously) and traveling to art shows with his "Fungus Among Us" wares (again, seriously). He tried to teach me to paint " and, being a grandparent, declared me the most accomplished artist in the entire world " but all I took from years standing behind his shoulder and watching as he painted was a strange love of the smell of turpentine and an eye for picking out the best fungi canvases.

Which all means, potential Girlie Show artists, I'll be able to spot a subpar fungus from a mile away. You've been warned.

If you think you can pass muster with my stringent fungus test, The Girlie Show " one of my favorite arts and crafts shows of the year in OKC " is looking for vendors for the 2010 show, scheduled for Nov. 5-6.

The Girlies are looking for 40 lovely ladies with artistic acumen (alliteration!) " that includes photography, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, fashion, knitwear, handbags and more. Basically, anything that's handmade.
The deadline to apply is Aug. 20, so get applicatin'.
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