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Deathly' dilemma

By Jenny Coon Peterson November 11th, 2010
You guys. You. Guys. I am equal parts excited/bummed right now.


Harry Potter. It's always Harry.

So, like every good nerd, I bought my tickets to Harkins' upcoming midnight premiere of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" about a month ago. I had to, you see " there were themed T-shirts to plan, dinners to arrange and husbands/wives/significant others to con into attending. (You think I'm joking. I'm so not joking.)

But then I saw this: Starting at 6 p.m. Nov. 18, AMC Quail Springs will lead up to the midnight premiere of HP7 by showing "Order of the Phoenix," then "Half-Blood Prince." And this all comes with commemorative lanyards. Commemorative lanyards!

That's genius! And I can't be there! I think I just died a little bit inside.

The tickets to the three-in-one (night) movies are $20 and are available online. But order them soon, I'm pretty sure this one is gonna sell out.

And while you're on the site, take a second to enter to win free tickets by voting for your favorite HP character. You better all report back that you voted for Ron. When I voted for my favorite ginger in the entire universe, his true love Hermione was winning in a landslide (brown-noser), but Sirius was pulling in a respectable second place, with Harry coming in third.

I'll leave you with the trailer, just in case you weren't 100 percent on board with this movie: 

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