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Music-grams to my ears

By Jenny Coon Peterson December 8th, 2010
In eighth grade, I signed up with a couple of friends in choir to perform singing telegrams for Valentine's Day.

We presented the (un)lucky recipient with a red carnation " a carnation! The Walmart of flowers " and then sang "Love Me Do" by The Beatles. "Sang" is probably too generous a term for what came out of my nearly tone-deaf mouth " something like "yowl" or "screech" is more apt. For this, I apologize. It got me out of math class, which to eighth-grade Jenny was equivalent to the birth of Christ in terms of life's blessings.

Luckily, this festive holiday program from the Oklahoma City Philharmonic seems to be just a tad more professional. The Phil is presenting "music-grams" " 10-12-minute mini-concerts by a Phil musician who will show up to play Christmas music for your friend or loved one at their home or office. How lovely!

The music-grams are only available from Dec. 15-17, and registration is only open through Thursday, so check them out online to sign up soon. At just $50, this is a really great fundraiser for the Phil. 
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