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My furry Valentine

Finally, someone who will never leave you: an adopted animal

By Jenny Coon Peterson February 7th, 2011

Short version of my “buying animals from breeders is annoying” speech: Who cares if you’ve always wanted a “designer” pet? Animals adopted from local shelters will be incredibly loving and grateful, even if they’re not a puggle.

Seriously, it’s like an animal version of “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch, pretty much the most devastatingly heartwarming yet sad book ever. Or “Homeward Bound.” And now I’m getting all weepy.

Moving on. The Central Oklahoma Humane Society is running My Furry Valentine on Friday through Sunday to help find their adult dogs and cats loving homes. Dogs older than 6 months are available for half the normal fees, and cats older than 6 months have the fees waived entirely. I’ve adopted both a kitten and an adult cat, and I can attest that it is much, much easier with adults, who are over their “scratching the couch and climbing the curtains” phase.

If you’re not ready to adopt, consider volunteering or donating to this fabulous nonprofit.

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