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Do a jig and drink a Guinness. It’s St. Patrick’s Day!

By Jenny Coon Peterson March 17th, 2011

There are exactly three holidays I am serious about: Halloween, Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day.

Thanksgiving is kinda lame. Fourth of July is way too ’splosion-heavy. Labor Day is meh. But St. Patrick’s Day? Perfect. We get to wear my favorite color, listen to great music, and — oh, yeah — drink in the middle of the day without feeling like we just might need a sponsor and a 12-step program.

There’s lots going on to celebrate Ireland today in the metro, so put on your (green) drinkin’ pants and get out there.

Bricktown takes St. Pat’s seriously, with events spread out all day. The 20th annual Bricktown St. Patrick’s Day Block Party is held under tents at the corner of Sheridan and Oklahoma, and brings together food, beer, drinks, souvenirs and music. That music starts at noon today with Flowers of Edinburgh and continues until 10 p.m. with Aranda. And if that isn’t enough green to satisfy, the Bricktown St. Pat’s parade is this Saturday.

In Norman, O’Connell’s Irish Pub is continuing its St. Pat’s traditions in its new location, 769 Asp in Campus Corner. The party actually began this morning (dedication!) with green eggs and ham ,and goes strong all day long inside both the restaurant and parking lot.

Like O’Connell’s, local pubs really go gangbusters for the green today. McNellie’s in Midtown is hosting an indoor/outdoor block party that can get pretty crazy; Sean Cummings’ Irish Restaurant & Pub will do what it does best (perfect atmosphere, great food and rousing Irish music); and VZD’s gets rowdy with Irish food, drinks and music.

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